Compliance Policy


Since the year 2015, We voluntarily started introducing compliance program in Our company, which consists of:

  • Codes of Conduct;
  • Procurement Tender Procedures;
  • Policy on Handling of Confidential Information;
  • Staff Policy;
  • Gift Policy.

Compliance is a system of internal procedures and rules designed for protection of the interests of the company, its clients and partners, while ensuring that legal requirements are followed.

Every Our employee is responsible for following the laws, internal procedures and rules in his or her operation. The compliance program contributes to consistency of observance of the laws, and provides guidance to prevent possible violations. As a consequence, We are able to set clear priorities and manage potential risks, all of which builds up the trust of our clients.


Gift Policy Summary


Benefits for Our clients:

  • We act openly and follow clear procedures;
  • We believe in dedicated representation, and put substantial effort in managing conflicts of interests;
  • We preserve privacy of Our clients, and keep their commercial and trade secrets in strict confidence .

Benefits for Our colleagues:

  • When working in a team of professionals We believe everyone has an inherent sense of right and wrong, Our compliance program (e.g. through codes of conduct, open door policy) provides each of Us with opportunities to express concerns to the top management and receive a proper response;
  • Through internal trainings We share best practices, leading to innovative solutions and efficient prevention of misconduct.

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Dr. Živilė Stubrytė

Compliance Manager Phone: +370 620 75 164 E-mail:

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