Gift Policy Summary

As of November 2016 Newsec group companies operating in Lithuania started applying the Gift Policy which aims at gaining our clients, partners and suppliers’ trust in our professional work based on the quality of our services and actual results.

We express our gratuity to our clients, partners and suppliers by our sincere and professional work, and that is the only expectation we hold towards them.

However, if there is our client’s, partner’s or supplier’s policy to show gratitude to Newsec by making a gift, we kindly ask to consider and adhere to the following provisions of Gift Policy:

  • a gift received by an employee is considered to be given to the Company and not to the employee personally;
  • in order to establish new and/or strengthen existing business relations, we only accept representation gifts or gifts for common use;
  • in all cases, the gift value may not exceed EUR 30. If the gift value is impossible to determine, the gift value is considered to be exceeding EUR 30;
  • we do not accept or give alcoholic beverages (according to Article 28 of the Republic of Lithuania Law on Alcohol Control, legal persons are prohibited from giving alcoholic beverages as a premium, a supplement to an item of goods or as a present);
  • a gift that does not comply with these provisions shall be returned to the presenter or it shall be subject to an internal auction.

If you have any concerns, suggestions or comments, contact us.

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