Core Values


Newsec is driven by the core value of ‘Passion for colleagues and clients’. Newsec is a modern, entrepreneurial and knowledge-based company which invests heavily in developing both its employees and the relationships with clients through constant focus on four key indicators:
  • Growth
  • Profitability
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Client Satisfaction
Our high Employee and Client Satisfaction scores show that we are succeeding in our efforts to provide an attractive workplace and to give our clients what – or more than –  they expect. Our key words are ‘Excellence’, ‘Innovation’ and ‘Integrity’.


The desire and ability to deliver solutions and services of the highest quality – exceeding both the client´s expectations and the capabilities of our competitors.

Excellence is not just a matter of ambition and setting the bar high. It also involves drive, making things happen and never giving up until you have achieved the best possible result. Excellence presumes expertise. Breadth and depth of knowledge about, and experience of, the property market and the whole property business, plus the ability to anticipate how the market will develop – to deliver a unique combination of property and investment know-how.


Curiosity and ability to seek, find and test new solutions; to lead the development of new services and products – to have the boldness to break with tradition.

Innovation calls for the courage to go your own way ant to not be afraid of making mistakes. It’s also about openness and respect for other people’s ideas. Some of us take many short steps every day; others take a giant leap twice a year. Both approaches are necessary if we are to stay one step ahead.


The ability to ensure that every client’ confidentiality is total and that every task is undertaken with the client’s best interests in view – to work at all times with the highest business ethics and morals.

Integrity is matter of respects: for yourself and for other people. If we avoid taken short cuts through moral grey areas we can always be proud of the work that we do.

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