Newsec invests in Röntgen, a Lithuanian start-up

Newsec, an international advisory real estate (RE) company, invests in the Lithuanian crowdfunding RE platform Röntgen. The goal of Newsec is to help the start-up company to be among three most popular crowdfunding platforms in Northern Europe.

Ugnius Meidus, CEO of Newsec in the Baltic States, said that this investment is one of the company’s strategic steps aimed to expand the range of services by investing in innovations and cutting-edge tech-nologies in the RE area.

“In the real estate market, we see a growing need for crowdfunding, thus investing in the Röntgen platform will open up alternative sources of funding for RE developers and provide new investment opportunities for individuals and businesses. In addition, this platform will provide an opportunity to invest in a prestigious and “high entry” RE investment segment that was only available to a few until the emergence of Röntgen,” said Mr Meidus.

In the meanwhile, Martynas Stankevičius, the head of Röntgen, emphasized that the knowledge and expe-rience of Newsec will help the start-up to quickly identify and evaluate market trends and to be the first to offer new products that would be attractive to developers or investors.

“The focus of a strong RE market leader in the development of a crowdfunding platform is the assessment of the work of the start-up team and the standards applied. The investment will not only increase the com-pany’s authorized capital and ensure the highest quality of its services to the clients but will also increase the confidence of the market participants in the projects that will be offered for investment,” said Mr Stankevičius.

Mr Meidus emphasized that Newsec is constantly searching for new partners: “We are expanding activities by acquiring or investing in new businesses. However, the greatest influence on the successful develop-ment and growth of our company is determined by the trust of our clients and their growing needs, which we seek to satisfy by offering smart solutions,” said CEO.

After the investment by Newsec, the activities of Röntgen will be continued according to the outlined plans. The strategic direction will also be strengthened, focusing on high-quality, lower-risk RE projects with strong and experienced developers.

From now on, the activities of the start-up will be supervised by a newly formed board, which will consist of 2 representatives of the founders (Paulius Lavrukaitis and Gediminas Sirvidas, the partners of Bolds Prop-erty Partners), and 2 representatives of Newsec (Ugnius Meidus, CEO of Newsec in the Baltic States, and Martynas Babilas, a partner of Newsec and the head of the tenant representation group in the Baltic States).

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