Making investment in a business idea or into already established business usually means expectations about future income. It’s almost one of the most interests of business clients. However, it is significant to remember that planning the future of your company in order to receive additional income it is ought to evaluate your business opportunities. In other words, the existence of a dynamic business environment, enforces us to evaluate the perspective of these investments, to discern the risks and only then to move toward higher profits. 

Corporate mergers, takeovers, divisions or acquisitions, organization structure changes are among the most complex processes in the business world. Therefore, in order to implement these changes in a successfully way, it should be taken into account a number of facts, trends and indicators. Newsec business valuation team provides services not only to assist clients with these mentioned processes, but also with other reasons: tax optimization purposes, in cases of dispute, compulsory purchase or sale, liquidation, in order to identify discounts and premiums of portfolio. 

Newsec provided business valuation services:

  • Shares valuation
  • Bonds valuation
  • Trademarks valuation
  • Goodwill valuation
  • Valuation of the contribution made otherwise than in cash
  • Court expertise
  • Consulting

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