UNIQ Business Centre was awarded a LEED Platinum certificate

UNIQ Business Centre was awarded a LEED Platinum certificate

Business Centre UNIQ in Vilnius was the first in the Baltic States to receive a LEED Platinum certificate. This is the first new office building awarded the top certificate in Lithuania. UNIQ Business Centre was developed by international real estate development company Vastint in line with LEED standards. A sole tenant, namely, Danske Bank IT service centre in Lithuania (DGITL), leased the entire area.

UNIQ Business Centre was developed, designed and built in compliance with the international LEED environmental certification standards. LEED Rating Systems™ is a rating system devised by the United States Green Building Council to evaluate the environmental performance of a building. The LEED Platinum certificate was awarded for building design and construction.

International real estate development group Vastint owned by Inter IKEA developed the UNIQ Business Centre. “LEED Platinum certificate demonstrates our long-term and responsible approach to the real estate development and management business” – said Kęstutis Vedeckis, Managing Director of Vastint in Lithuania. Vastint Group follows high environmental and social responsibility provisions in all countries. Several years ago, the Group made a decision to certify all buildings under international BREEAM or LEED systems in the development of its real estate projects.

“In compliance with highest environmental requirements, we aim to contribute to the mitigation of adverse environmental impact caused by industry. We took into consideration the parts that are most susceptible to energy consumption or can have a different adverse environmental impact as early as in the design stage, and tried to minimize such effects. We are happy to have our efforts awarded with the top – platinum – certificate” – said K. Vedeckis.

UNIQ Business Centre was certified by the Swedish company WSP Sverige AB. The building was evaluated considering environmental impact of the construction process and construction materials, ensurance of sustainable use of resources, creation of healthy environment in the building and reduced transport pollution. The administration of the certification was a considerable task. “UNIQ deserved the award of a Platinum certificate. Developers implemented many factors that protect the environment. The process itself went easily and smoothly, because the administering team worked in a clear, fast and professional manner” – Oliver Pearce, LEED consultant from WSP Sverige AB, complimented the team.

Martynas Babilas, Head of the Office Service Group of the real estate company Newsec in the Baltic region, noted that when choosing offices, large tenants pay more attention to professionalism of the manager of the building. Having chosen a professional partner, a tenant can be sure that the set-up process and main activities will go smoothly. Martynas Babilas believes that professionalism delivered by international landlords and tenants have elevated the office market of Vilnius to a new level. Tenants have become more ambitious and aim to create an appealing environment to their employees, while developers have sought to build better buildings to attract most desirable tenants.

The sole tenant, namely, Danske Bank IT service centre in Lithuania DGITL, leased the entire building. K. Vedeckis noted that matching business values were one of the key factors having impacted the conclusion of the transaction. According to Martynas Babilas, buildings having been awarded top certificates not only ensure more efficient energy consumption, comfort and prestige for office users, but also emphasize values of sustainably developed business. “This is not only a sign of mature real estate market, but also of a socially responsible society” – said M. Babilas.

About LEED certification system:

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a rating system for evaluating the design, construction and responsible environmental impact. LEED rating system was developed by the United States Green Building Council. Certification is based on independent third-party assessment. The certification of LEED projects is conducted in more than 150 countries, including the EU, Canada, Mexico, India, Sweden, Estonia and Finland.

There are four certification levels:

• LEED Certified: 40 – 49 points;

• LEED Silver: 50 – 59 points;

• LEED Gold: 60 – 79 points;

• LEED Platinum: more than 80 points.

The evaluation is divided into categories (ecological evaluation of the land plot, water and energy savings, origin of materials, inside climate, innovation, regional priorities).

UNIQ Business Centre scored 86 points. Such a score was received considering the possibilities for the use of the land plot, its integrity in urban systems, namely, public transportation and accessibility, environmental criteria of the land plot, such as bicycle storage and changing rooms, “green” roof, innovative water consumption reduction technologies, water collection in the land plot, energy consumption efficiency, the use of regional materials and construction waste, innovation of indoor climate control systems and design innovation.

Additional complex attention to innovation and sustainable technologies ensured LEED “platinum” points. A rather significant number of points was scored for efficient exploitation of the land plot and favourable location of the building in the city.

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